I Am Not A Blogger: An Essay

I Am Not A Blogger: An Essay

I’ve tried it before. I’ve paid for a custom site, I’ve written out all my ideas, and I’ve even started writing a few posts. But here’s the thing: I have nothing to say.

Everything I want to talk about has been talked to death and into the afterlife. I have no original opinions, nothing worth reading except a few poems about some nature metaphors and the occasional shaky villanelle. I’ve read books about bloggers, I’ve seen the movies, I know the types. They sit in their vintage-furnished apartments, slouched over their Macs in rumpled plaid button-downs, pushing their glasses furiously back up their noses, trying to find the word or words to express how they feel about one topic or another.

Of course, this is a horrendously Hollywood-manufactured stereotype but the point is, I’ve never felt like I belong among them, the wordsmiths of the twenty-first century. I have nothing original to say. My entire vocabulary consists of acquiescent pleasantries, the I Entirely Agrees peppered with, Yeah, Sames and Oh My Gosh, Me Toos. I brag a lot about my musical hipsterness, but the fact is, I haven’t a single idea outside of the mainstream and it sucks being totally and helplessly normal. If anyone has any ideas as to how to kickstart my career in blogging (since, let’s face it, where else but a Starbucks will an English major end up?), please let me know.

That’s all from The Leatherbound.

3 thoughts on “I Am Not A Blogger: An Essay

  1. I actually think you’re blogger material and you should probably write about whatever! Eventually you’ll find that topic you feel passionate about, for now, just write about things that make you feel good, maybe share that musical hipsterness taste of yours and who knows? Maybe you’re more interesting than you know.

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    1. Maybe I will take that as a challenge and run with it like the Sound of Music. Thanks so much, you’ve made my day!


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