watching the storm from inside my car

watching the storm from inside my car

gravity moves these stars in ways the ancients could ever have surmised

my eyes latch onto one and track her progress across the plexiglass sky

hoping we will win the race yet blithe accepting absorption by another on our way to paradise

such chaos mere inches away and yet a million miles from this comfort. orchestrated randomness illuminated by the passing glance

of sunlit streetlamps blazing apathy and farewelling any second chance

they lower their heads in thought or sleep undisturbed by the downpour yet startled to life by our softspoken creaks

let shake these old forsaken suns; let crash these minute waves on plastic shores; let run these cosmic rivulets down steel and airbag cheeks!

regardless of this pouring weight’s depth and breadth and height

we drive on through the heedless unpeopled night