Thank You, Five

This is the landing page for my failed acting career. What started at eight years old as a desire to become a fairy princess for forty-five excruciating minutes has mutated into wearing coattails for two hours and butchering Shakespeare.

My complete IMDB includes:

  1. Aforementioned Fairy Princess whose name might have been Eliza (2004)
  2. Woman who shouted “Feed the birds!” at a very confused Mary Poppins in exactly one song from Mary Poppins (2010)
  3. Snoopy in a scene that was cut from my eighth-grade production of Peanuts (2011)
  4. Would have been Gabriel in the nativity pageant had I not come down with the flu (2011)
  5. Frenchy in Grease (2013)
  6. Frosine in The Miser (2014)
  7. Rosie in The Wedding Singer (2015)
  8. Charles Marlow in She Stoops to Conquer (2015)
  9. Ruth in School Spirit (2016)
  10. Edgar Allan Poe in Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Slash Gala For Friends Potluck (2017)
  11. Romeo in As Told By Billy (2017)
  12. Old Woman in The Stonecutter (Spring 2019)

Please feel free to click around on the videos you find!